Social Security Card Replacement

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2 Nov

In a day and age when identity theft is constantly running rampant (requiring more and more people to seek out credit repair), social security card replacement is a major issue.  Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration doesn’t get involved in resolving identity theft issues.  However, if you inform them that your social security number has been used by someone else, they will review your earnings and ensure that no one else is using your social security card for work purposes.

Replacing your social security card should not be taken lightly.  Failing to replace a social security card can be especially detrimental if you yourself are looking for a job.  Virtually every job requires a copy of your social security card, and if that’s not provided, your employment process could be drastically hindered.

If you need to collect social security benefits, replacing a social security card cannot be delayed.  What happens if you go days without required medication?  That’s one case in which failing to get a social security replacement card can result in death!

In the unfortunate event that you lose your card, be sure to get a replacement social security card immediately.  It requires no fee, and everyone is entitled to three replacement social security cards annually (and ten replacement SS cards in your lifetime).

All it takes is a visit to your local Social Security Administration Office.  Make sure you have personal identification and proof of citizenship (i.e.:  birth certificate, certificate of naturalization, passport) on hand.  Once your identity is proven, you will be granted a Social Security Number Certification letter, which can be used in lieu of your card temporarily.  Your replacement SS card should appear in the mail in approximately two weeks.

To avoid needing to request a duplicate social security card, keep your SS card in a safe place.  Unless you know you’ll need to show your card at some point during the day, do not keep it in your wallet.  Keep it in a safe place in your house, preferably along with other important papers and documents.

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